Farin Industries, Inc. Manufactures the highest quality asbestos-free  friction materials specially formulated for the most demanding applications.  Our friction materials have a patented anti-squeal interface layer that absorbs to frequency harmonics responsible for brake noise and squeal.

Converting, Piston Assemblies, Air Cooled Brakes, Montalvo Brakes. We offer a wide variety of friction materials to replace your OEM requirements.  Our materials have been proven to fine tune your tension control braking to match your process requirements, thereby eliminating noise and excessive maintenance due to lining and rotor wear.


Note: Formulating with Asbestos in the USA is illegal.  Many aftermarket friction materials from outside the USA still manage to make there way to our shores because it is very hard or almost impossible to detect the presents of asbestos at a glance.  

Farin industries, Inc. Montalv Air Cooled Brakes o Piston Assembly Brake Pads Tidland Horton Re Dfe Twin Fin

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Replacement Parts for:

Converting - Military - Aircraft - Machinery - Racing 

Manufactured in The United States of America

Guaranteed Not to Squeal!!!!!

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Farin Industries, Inc.